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Please fill in the form below outlining your request, to contact Patsco Worldwide Marketing and Distribution (Consultancy) Services of Switzerland. We do have a policy on CustomerTrust - Equal Opportunity system and with our expertise, we will evaluate and process your requests. On evaluation, if your request respect to Switzerland, and feasible under the criteria according to the Swiss Federal Law (SR 944.0) on Information's over the Consumers (KIG-Bundesgesetz über die Information der Konsumentinnen und Konsumenten) further on the other related International Trade Agreements, Treaties and Conventions (Ref: Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs FDEA) together with the prevailing Local Laws, regulations and procedures in the host Country (country of your request destination) we shall be very pleased to contact you as soon possible to deal your Business very successfully. All your Information’s and requests shall be treated and protected with, at most Confidential Nature under the Swiss Federal Law (SR. 235.1) according to DSG (Datenschutzgesetz) Privacy Policy Act.

We do inform to all our valuable Customers, Trade Partners and Business Contacts that all your communication to be made directly through this (our) webpage We explicitly inform to all whom it may concern, that we do not undertake any responsibilities; whatsoever in any means that by spoofing (manipulation, concealment and deception) whoever, either a person/persons or private/public business establishment, through a website other than or through any other source or send electronic messages with counterfeit source intended to be believed by the recipient or visitor or its electronic system to be an authentic source as Patsco Switzerland or else acting under false pretenses as Patsco Switzerland intent to gain unauthorized access which later could be used for any unlawful purpose or purposes with intent to cause damage or injury to public or any person including Patsco Switzerland or to make any illegal claim under false pretenses as Patsco Switzerland shall be treated as an offence under the International Law and subject for legal action deem to be suitable according to the Law of the country/countries against where ever the offense is/are originated from, and the country/countries against where ever the offense is/are committed at.

We thank you very much indeed and appreciate you, as our valuable Customer to place your valuable trust and confidence towards Patsco Switzerland.

Thank you.Danke.Merci.Grazie

INFO: If you need more Information`s on Swiss Governmental and Trade Regulations, please visit (for link) click Image Þ

Patsco Worldwide Marketing and Distribution (Consultancy) Services Switzerland
Wänibachstrasse 20,
8840 Einsiedeln, SZ

Switzerland - Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera


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0041 (0) 76 463 04 79

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