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Going forward Globally

Worldwide Platform in International Tenders: Are your Company - Institution - Organization interested in participating or wishes to know how could you participate in International Tenders?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Through or reliable and Trusted Sources we shall inform from the obtained International Tender and Global Tenders (Countries), Procurement Notices, Global Project Informationís, Biddings, Public and Private Tenders, Notifications, Pre-Qualification and Contract Awards published from the worldwide Governments, Corporations, Private and Public Organizations. After you show your Interest in participating in such, initially we evaluate if your Company-Organization-Institution has necessary eligibility and qualification to participate these Tenders or the Notifications.

Looking for a New Agency or a Commercial Agreement for your Company - Organization - Institution Abroad?

Agents based in foreign countries, Companies - Organizations - Authorization to operate in other Countries varies according to their own Governmental and Labour Laws. A process to be evaluated depending on your Interest in the other Country, according to what your wishes are is it feasible or viable comparing the Laws of the proposed country.

If you are interested, please give your full details on our contact question form. We shall evaluate your request and inform you to take whatever the next necessary steps in achieving your request. Depending on your request, the process will take some times to find out a suitable country and a suitable Partner for your Agency request.

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